What is Excluded?

The following explains some of the exclusions, limitations and requirements of our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy. It is not an exhaustive list - please refer to the Policy Document for further information.

Travellers Over 70 Years of Age

You must contact us if anyone on your policy is aged 70 or over at the time you are purchasing this insurance as an additional premium and terms apply in such cases and insurance will be provided only on satisfactory completion of a medical declaration by the person aged over 70.

Hazardous Activity

Hazardous activity is excluded from cover. Hazardous activity includes any of the following activities:
Any wilful exposure to risk or any other activity where it is recognized that there is an increased risk of injury, such as, but not exclusively, abseiling; American Football; aviation other than as a fare paying passenger on a scheduled flight, baseball; boxing; bungee jumping; canoeing; canyoning, cave diving; caving, cricket; fell running; gliding, gorge-walking, hang gliding; high-diving, hockey; horse jumping; hot air ballooning; ice hockey; lacrosse; marathon; martial arts; micro-lighting; mountaineering; motor rallies; parachuting; paragliding; piloting an aircraft; polo; pot holing; professional sports; potholing; off-road mountain biking, organised team sports; rock climbing; rock-scrambling, rugby; scuba diving (unless You are qualified under C.M.A.S. and/or P.A.D.I. certification or diving with a qualified instructor and accompanied and within 25 metres of sea-level); white water canoeing/rafting above level 3; snowboarding, mountain boarding, big foot skiing, heli skiing; high altitude skiing; mono skiing, ski stunting; luge; off piste skiing, ski jumping or ski racing; bobsleighing or the use of skeletons, steeplechasing; paraskiing; water skiing, para-sailing, yachting outside territorial waters; fighting except in self-defence; any race, speed or duration test or marathon or practising for such events; motorcycling as a rider or passenger on any motorcycle or moped or any other similar hazardous pursuits or activity.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

No pre-existing medical conditions are covered under the AonInsure.ie Travel policy unless they have been declared to and approved by Mapfre Asistencia Agency Ireland (the underwriters). This means that no claim will be paid out which arises directly or indirectly from any pre-existing medical condition of which you are aware and which affects any:

However, in certain circumstances Mapfre may agree to provide cover for a pre-existing medical condition. Should you wish to seek cover for a pre-existing medical condition, please contact the AonInsure.ie Travel line on 091-560 615.

Pre-existing medical conditions include the following: