Well Woman Insurance

The WellWoman Plan.

Cover for seven female-specific cancers

The WellWoman Plan pays you €25,000 upon diagnosis of one of seven female cancers.

The WellWoman Plan is designed to help you when you need it the most. Of course, we can't help you in the way medical staff can – but we can help you financially so you have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on your treatment and getting better.

There are no restrictions on how you spend the money, it could help pay for child care, help around the home, and even the little things you take for granted like getting to the shops or the doctors. It can also be used to help pay your medical bills or on a relaxing holiday to help you recuperate.

There's no medical examination, no awkward health questions and no exclusions due to family history. Claims can be made just 90 days after taking out your Plan.


  • Cash payment of €25,000 on diagnosis with Standard Cover
  • Cash payment of €50,000 on diagnosis with Premier Cover
  • OR €1,000 day case surgery benefit for carcinoma in situ [early stage cancer in which the disease is confined to cells where it first appeared] of a covered organ other than the breast.
  • Guaranteed acceptance for women aged between 18 and 69* years and resident in the Republic of Ireland
  • Care Advisory Service and Medical Helpline
  • Cover regardless of your family's medical history
  • We will pay your first month's premium
  • FREE €150 Holiday Voucher
  • Insurance provided by Chartis Insurance Ireland Limited
  • Female and Male Cancer Coverage

Females Males
One or both breasts One or both breasts
One or both ovaries One or both ovaries
Cervix Penis
Uterus One or both breasts
One or both ovaries Prostate
Vagina Penis
One or both fallopian tubes

Please Note: This product does not cover:

  • - cancers you have had before or those due to any pre-existing medical conditions
  • - cancers diagnosed within the first 90 days of your policy
  • - any tumours which are histologically diagnosed as pre-malignant