Emergency Assist FAQ

General FAQ

What is an annual Personal Emergency Assist policy?

Personal Emergency Assist is a prompt, efficient and courteous service providing Motor Rescue and Home Assistance coupled with additional services such as a credit card emergency helpline.

Will you automatically renew my Personal Emergency Assist policy?

No. We will invite you, by email, to buy a new policy in 12 months time.

How much does Personal Emergency Assist cost?

Personal Emergency Assist is available in a number of combinations to suit your needs

Policy Type Description Cost
Home Assistance & Motor Rescue Combined Home Assistance & Motor Rescue €70.00
Motor Rescue Only For customers who already have Home Assistance from their home insurer €25.00
Motor Rescue Only for older Vehicles For customers who already have Home Assistance from their home insurer and whose car is older than 10 years. €35.00

The premium is just €70.

Can I see the policy Document before I buy?

Yes, all our terms and conditions are on our site. Click here for policy document

Is there a policy excess?


When does my insurance cover begin?

Your insurance starts from the date you choose once you buy and pay for your policy.

FAQ Specific to Motor Rescue

What is Motor Rescue?

Motor Rescue is a 24-hour 365 days a year emergency service where our specialist recovery agent will be dispatched to assist you in the event of a motor breakdown. This could be at home, at the office or at the roadside.

Are there any obstacles to availing of motor rescue?

Alterations to suspension levels and the addition of body skirts may hinder the ability to provide Motor Benefits.

What happens if my car cannot be repaired at the side of the road or at the nearest repairer?

We can arrange for alternative transport to enable you to continue your journey. Benefits available:
In the event of Your car being immobilised as a result of an accident, electrical or mechanical breakdown, fire, theft or any attempt thereat, malicious damage, punctures that require assistance, lost keys, stolen keys, keys broken in the lock or locked in the car.

We will arrange and pay for the benefits set out hereafter:

  • Labour
    The cost of call out and up to one hour's labour charged by a repairer at the roadside or at Your home provided the repair is carried out in situ and not at the repairer's premises.
  • Towing
    The cost of Towing Your car to the nearest competent repairer or to a garage of Your choice, whichever is closer.
  • Completion of Journey Ireland
    If repairs cannot be made in situ, and your car has broken down away from home, We can arrange and pay for: Onward transportation for You and your passengers home or to your intended destination within the territorial limits.
    Use of a replacement car for up to 48 hours while repairs are carried out.
    Overnight accommodation for one night only while repairs to Your car are in progress, subject to maximum value of €35 per person and €175 in total.
  • Completion of Journey England, Scotland and Wales
    If repairs cannot be repaired in situ, and the car has broken down away from home, the Company can arrange a replacement car for up to 48 hours subject to a maximum of Sterling £100.
    If the car cannot be repaired before the departure date the Company will pay for the car to be towed to the port in England, Scotland or Wales you are leaving from subject to a maximum of Sterling £250.
  • Message Relay
    We will pass on two urgent messages for you.
    In the event of the car being repaired, We will provide the cost of public transportation for You to collect Your car.
    In the event of the theft of the Your car, which has been reported to the Police and the Insurance Company, and not recovered within 24 hours, we will provide a replacement car for up to five days or to when Your car is recovered, whichever is soonest.

Motor Breakdown Assistance is a 24 hour accident, emergency & breakdown recovery service. It is there to assist You in your time of need. The choice of assistance supplied depends on the options available to the rescue provider at the time of the request for assistance. You should be aware that the cover provided will be at Our discretion as not all options are available to us at all times. For example Car Hire in a rural area may be impossible to obtain in the early hours of the morning.

FAQ Specific to Home Assistance

What is Home Assistance?

Home Assistance is a 24-hour 365 days a year emergency service, designed to help you in the event of a household emergency. Examples:
If a pipe bursts we will locate and dispatch a plumber
Should you lose your keys we will organise a locksmith to gain entry
If your external doors or windows are damaged due to a break-in or storm which leaves your home insecure, we will organise the appropriate trade person to render the property safe and secure.

How does Home Assistance work?

In the event of a Home emergency simply dial the Freephone number and in the event of property damage we will arrange for a suitable trades person to be dispatched to assist you in your emergency. We will pay for the first €150 of your emergency.

Is there any additional cost that I have to pay?

Yes, only if the amount of the call out exceeds €150. However, the event may be covered by your Home Insurance policy. This emergency cover is designed to do what it says on the tin “to help you at the time of your emergency”. Further work beyond the emergency may be necessary and you may need to make separate arrangements with your insurance company/builder. We can of course provide you with a quotation to complete these works.


Any permanent work that is carried out on our behalf in respect of the emergency is covered for a period of 12 months. However, in the majority of emergency cases the work carried out is temporary eg fixing slates to a roof in the middle of a storm.

Are the builders assessed?

All the builders on our network are checked by Ireland Assist Ltd to ensure that they carry adequate insurance and are suitable to work in your home.

Does it cover medical emergencies?

The Home emergency service is designed for emergency property repairs to your home but we also have an essential service helpline for other personal emergencies.

What is the credit card emergency service?

The credit card helpline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of your credit /bank cards being stolen or lost call us on the Freephone number to obtain your bank's emergency phone number. When you are in a situation like this you might not have access to the bank's emergency number as they are printed on the back of the card!!

If a member of the household's (e.g. partner, spouse, son or daughter) Credit, Laser or store cards are stolen what should I do?

Simply call us on the Freephone number for all the contact details you require.