Young Drivers – Car Insurance

Got a car, but can't afford to drive it?

If you're under 30 years of age or you are first time insured, getting car insurance can be really expensive. The cost of car insurance for young drivers has reduced in the last 18 months, but insuring a car can still be expensive.

At we are constantly working behind the scenes to find ways of getting the cost of your insurance down. With our unique policies for young drivers or first time insureds you can get up to 30% off the total cost by buying online. Go through the quote process and see for yourself.

Some insurers offer the opportunity for young drivers to use named driver experience in-lieu of having no previous no claims bonus. This opportunity to reduce the cost of your policy is built into our quoting system.


You Drive offers patient and Professional Driving Instruction with a 95% pass rate. You Drive cars are fitted with dual controls for safety and fully insured. You will always have the same RSA approved driving instructor for your lessons.