What Level of Cover? Comprehensive and Third Party

Comprehensive Car Insurance

If you want peace of mind and the broadest coverage possible, comprehensive car insurance is your preferred policy option. Although it is more expensive than a 3rd party fire and theft policy, by shopping around and knowing what you want included, we can find the best value insurance deal for you. Before you ask the market to bid for your car insurance, familiarise yourself with the cover provided by comprehensive insurance policies.

If I'm liable, what's covered in my Car Insurance?

In the event of a write-off your car is covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy. If your car is stolen you will receive compensation for the market value of the car. Some policies replace the car with a new car if it is under 12 months old.

What else is covered by your car insurance?

Depending on the car insurance policy, you may be covered for windscreen damage. If using a garage approved by the insurer, you may be entitled to the use of a courtesy car.

What is 'Excess'?

Excess is the amount you agree to pay in the event of a claim on your comprehensive car insurance policy. For windscreen cover your policy might state that you pay the first €60. For excess across the policy, you might agree to pay the first €300. Changing the amount of excess can change the price of your policy with some insurers. Our team will be happy to talk to you about this once you have received your quotations.

Car Insurance - Third Party, Fire & Theft

Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance is an option often chosen for those who want to reduce the cost of their insurance. It may seem the preferred choice, especially for younger drivers, however it is vital that you understand what is covered and what is excluded under the car insurance policy.

If I'm liable, what's covered with my car insurance

Your liability to other people should be covered and EC compulsory insurance is usually included in this type of policy.

Is my car and all its contents covered against fire and theft?

Your car is covered. However other contents of your car may not be covered by some insurers. Check your insurance policy.

Is glass and windscreen included in my Car insurance?

Windscreen cover is not usually included with third party fire and theft car insurance but in some cases this can be added at an extra cost. Quote for windscreen cover.

If my car is written off, burnt out, stolen, do I get a new car?

In most car insurance policies of this kind you will not get a new replacement car unless the vehicle covered is under 12 months old. Usually you will receive a sum of money which takes into account depreciation and the actual market value of the car at the time of accident.

You said that other people were covered in an accident, am I?

The name - third party, fire and theft - says it all really. If you are to blame for the accident, you and your injuries are not covered by this type of car insurance. If you are injured your medical costs are not covered, there is no compensation for serious injury nor does the policy carry any income support if your ability to work is damaged by the accident. Taking out Personal Accident insurance might be a consideration.