Van Insurance

Whether you run a furniture moving company or you're driving a band up and down Ireland, if you have a van, it's essential to get it covered. To discuss your particular commercial van insurance needs, visit our affiliate M Murphy Insurance Services, or call 01 2932370.

Why you need commercial van insurance.

No matter what kind of van you drive, you need insurance. The Road Traffic Act in Ireland requires all vans and commercial vehicles to have at least third-party insurance. To prove that you're covered, you need to obtain a certificate of insurance from your insurance provider and display this on your windscreen. You also need to show insurance if requested by a garda. And it's essential to be insured should you have an accident, or if you should cause injury to others in the course of your business, or driving a van. You will also need to prove that your van is insured, when it comes time to pay for your motor tax.