International Driving Licence

Driving Licence Information

An international driving licence is a special driving licence that allows motorists to drive vehicles in other countries without further tests or applications. An international driving licence/permit proves that you have a valid driving permit issued by the correct authority in your home country. If you are travelling abroad and wish to drive in another country, you may very likely require an international driving permit. International driving permits issued in Ireland are only available to Irish residents with a current full driving licence.

Driving Rules

An international driving permit is available to Irish residents, who possess a current full Irish driving licence. An IDP is also available to EU/EEA(Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) Licence holders who are also resident in Ireland.

You will not be issued with an international driving permit in Ireland if:

There are two types of international driving licences issued in Ireland:

How to get an International Driving Permit/Licence

An IDP costs €5.08 each and must be accompanied by a valid full Republic of Ireland Drivers Licence, a passport photograph and a completed application form. If you require licences, two photographs, two completed applications and two fees to €10.16 is required.

If you are from a European Union/European Economic Area country and hold a full valid driving permit from your home country, you are also required to supply a copy of a utility bill (i.e., an electricity, telephone or gas bill) showing your address in Ireland. You will also be required to sign a declaration of residency on the application form.

Applications & Permits available from:

Print an APPLICATION FORM and return with payment to the above address.

If you are travelling to any country for longer than three months, to take up residence or employment, or for any reason other than tourism, you should make enquiries about your personal requirements before relying on a permit.

You may still be required to produce your own licence for inspection when hiring a car overseas. It is recommended that you always carry your own licence, even when an international permit is held. Permits cannot be issued to holders of provisional licences or non EU/EEA licence holders.

Normal Residency in the Republic of Ireland is defined as follows:

"You shall be regarded as having your normal residence in Ireland if, because of personal and occupational ties, you usually live here for at least 185 days in each calendar year. However, if you have personal ties in Ireland and occupational ties in another country, which require absences from this country, you may still be regarded as being normally resident in Ireland provided that you return here regularly. Working abroad on a specific task for a definite duration, or attending a foreign university or college, shall not imply that you have transferred your normal residence to another country".